About me

'Elloo!! I'm a 16-years-old rainbow potato or a rainbow omelet you can choose what to say. I'm in a relationship with Namikolinx my kawaii princess. My actual name is a mystery and I don't really use it in real life that much anyway, it's too feminine for me. I'm a Japan culture (in any and every way) fan and I'm also a fan of video games, movies alot of actors, who are about two or three times older than me, youtube in general and different people in there like Markiplier, cry, silent___, Smosh, Tyler Oakley, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil etc. alot of them. I'm a nerdo (a nerd) and "really manly" ;u; I'm really slow at posting 'cause I'm really lazy and I basically don't do anything. But I'm in IB (international baccalaureate) high school and that actually does eat my time with it's never ending essays, reviews etc. You can use the pictures you find in my blog if you give me credit and don't just say that they are yours. (Then I'll find you and rape your social media sites with hateful messages)

Credit for my girlfriend Namikolinx (Found in youtube with the same name) 

My halloween costume

Btw I'm obsessed by rainbows ;3


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